How to Spot Fresh Fish to Eat

Would you like to cook the fish dishes? There are many people who like to eat fish because it has good sources of vitamins and minerals for our body. In Japan, you can eat the raw and fresh fish on their food. Even though it has the healthy things, you should not eat them over because it is not good for your health. You just have to eat them as the proportion of daily nutrients.

Decide to Buy Frozen or Fresh Fish

When you have decided to cook the fish dishes for dinner, you can go to the market and buy fish as what you need. While choosing the fish, you just have to decide whether you would like to buy the frozen or fresh one.

Well, don’t ever think that the frozen is spoiled fish one. You should understand that the frozen fish is made from the fresh one but it is frozen to make the fish can live long lasting. It is also to make the fish can’t get spoiled easily.

If you live in the coastal area, it is not possible to get the fresh one. If it is hard to get the fresh fish, it will be so much better if you buy the frozen one. However, you just have to adjust it with where you live and what you need.  The frozen fish still has its good source from your body, so don’t be afraid to take the frozen one.

If you would like to buy the fresh fish, don’t forget to get some indicators whether it is fresh or not. The indicators you should test are smell, texture, colors, and size. You should make sure that you pick the fresh fish before you are going home.

When you are going to buy the frozen one, it will be better if you take the small cooler. Why? When you buy the frozen food and you don’t bring with any cooler, the frozen food will be thawing slowly when the way you go home.

If you will cook it directly you arrive at home, it doesn’t matter. It will be a problem when you don’t cook it directly. The thawing frozen food can make a huge impact toward its freshness. While you buy the fresh frozen food, it thaws for a minute, and you store it again in the freezer, the fish is already dull. Thus, you need to bring the small cooler if you would like to buy a lot of frozen fishes at one time.

Delicious Types of Fish to Eat

Before you are going to buy the market and buy the fish, you should know that there are some delicious fish to eat. There are many types of fish in this world but only some of them are tastier and nutritious than the others. Would you like to know about it? Check this out!

  • Alaskan Salmon

As we know, salmon contains a better source from our body. There are two salmon options for you, the harvested or wild one. Both have the same nutritious element but in the harvested salmon, you will not get high omega 3 fatty acids and some minerals and vitamins.

  • Cod

Cod is flaky white fish with good sources on it like vitamin B-12, niacin, phosphorus, and others. If you serve 3-ounce cooked cod, you can get less than 90 calories, 15 to 20 grams of protein, and 1 gram of fat. It is so healthy, right?

  • Herring

Herring is similar to the sardines, the fatty fish. It will be good options if you buy the smoked one. Usually, this fish is smoked and packed with the sodium on it.

  • Mahi-Mahi

Mahi-mahi, the tropical firm fish still has the good sources for any preparation. The 4 ounce serving has 20 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of fat.

  • Mackerel

Mackerel contains high healthy fats from our body. It can help you to reduce buildup in your arteries and lower blood pressure.

Those are the types of delicious fish you should try. You can taste them and see how different and how delicious the fish is. If you can find it in your nearest market, why don’t you buy and make a delicious dish from it?