3 Types of Crab the Whole World

Crab is one of the sea creatures which is consumed by many people around the world. It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins which are good for our health. You can buy the crab on the market even you buy the fresh or canned one.

No matter you take the canned crab meat suppliers, you still have a chance to get the healthy elements from the crab itself. You should know that the crab meat on the can has different types of it. There are tons of crab families which spread worldwide.

By knowing them, it will help you a lot to buy the right crab like what you need. You also need to notice that you can find certain crabs in the certain region only. Thus, make sure you want to buy the local crab meat.

These are the 3 main types of crabs which you should know:

Atlantic Ocean Crabs

In the types of Atlantic Ocean Crabs, there are various crabs you can see like:

  • Blue Crab

The Blue Crab is usually sold in canned crab meat suppliers. Like the Blue Swimmer Crab, it is sold as canned with the picked and chosen crab meat one. Usually, it is used for serving the U.S dishes like Crab Louis, Crab Imperial, crab cakes, and more.

  • Jonah Crab

This crab will be the best options if you look for the economical alternatives to crab meat. This crab meat usually uses in restaurants and merchants. Thus, you have a chance to taste the crab meat with the economical price.

  • Norwegian Crab or Norwegian King Crab or Norwegian Red Crab

Actually, it is the king of the crab from Alaska. Have you heard about king Alaska? This is it. Among the variety, this crab is able to grow up 4,9 feet with the weight of 22 pounds approximately. How large it is, is not it? Indeed, if you just want to buy the meaty legs, you need to pay for $25 per pound!

  • Rock Crab

This crab is actually smaller compared to Jonah crab with the small bites and no meat on it. The color of the flesh is brownish-red with highlights. Many suppliers mix the less expensive meat of crab with the more expensive one.

  • Stone Crab

Would you like to taste the lobster and crab at the same time? You can get it from this Stone crab. It will make you can get the different taste of crab, not like the others.

Pacific Ocean Crabs

Besides the Atlantic, there are also the Pacific Ocean Crabs. Here are the crabs from the Pacific Ocean:

  • Dungeness Crab

You also can call this crab as the master crab because it can measure more or less 10 inches. The crab meat is the sweetest from all of the Pacific crabs, semi-nutty, and flavorful.

  • King Crab

As like its name, King crabs, it has largest claws. The crab meat is moist and rich.

  • Snow Crab or Spider Crab or Queen Crab or Alaska Snow Crab

This crab lives in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and so that’s why it is named as Snow Crab. This crab will be the best option for seafood restaurant because it is more economical rather than the others. The meaty claws and large are very popular crab meat.

Asian-European Crabs

In the Asian-European region, there are some crabs which you should know:

  • Blue Swimmer Crab

It is also called as Blue Manna Flower Crab or Sand Crab. The taste of crab meat is less sweet rather than the others.

  • Horse Crab or Japanese Blue Crab

This crab is harvested off on the coast of China. It is widely-fished species crab in this world. You can serve it on the hotspots and soups to get delicious crab meat.

  • Mangrove Crab

You also can call it as Mud Crab or Black Crab. Its shell color varies start from deep green to dark brown. It is the tastiest crab species in Asian crabs.

  • Edible Crab

The characteristic of this crab has a reddish-brown color with the oval body carapace and the pie crust on the edge also has black claw tips. It has an epic classic look of crabs.

Those are the main types of crabs which you can consume well. If you would like to buy the canned crab meat suppliers, you can see on the labels about what kind of crabs which are used. It also can help you to decide whether you like the taste of crab meat itself or not.

If you don’t like the taste of the canned crab meat, you can try to buy the other crab meats. There are various crab meats in canned which you can choose based on your own taste. Just ensure that you know how to differentiation the spoiled and freshly canned crab meat suppliers.