3 Types of Crab the Whole World

Crab is one of the sea creatures which is consumed by many people around the world. It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins which are good for our health. You can buy the crab on the market even you buy the fresh or canned one.

No matter you take the canned crab meat suppliers, you still have a chance to get the healthy elements from the crab itself. You should know that the crab meat on the can has different types of it. There are tons of crab families which spread worldwide.

By knowing them, it will help you a lot to buy the right crab like what you need. You also need to notice that you can find certain crabs in the certain region only. Thus, make sure you want to buy the local crab meat.

These are the 3 main types of crabs which you should know:

Atlantic Ocean Crabs

In the types of Atlantic Ocean Crabs, there are various crabs you can see like:

  • Blue Crab

The Blue Crab is usually sold in canned crab meat suppliers. Like the Blue Swimmer Crab, it is sold as canned with the picked and chosen crab meat one. Usually, it is used for serving the U.S dishes like Crab Louis, Crab Imperial, crab cakes, and more.

  • Jonah Crab

This crab will be the best options if you look for the economical alternatives to crab meat. This crab meat usually uses in restaurants and merchants. Thus, you have a chance to taste the crab meat with the economical price.

  • Norwegian Crab or Norwegian King Crab or Norwegian Red Crab

Actually, it is the king of the crab from Alaska. Have you heard about king Alaska? This is it. Among the variety, this crab is able to grow up 4,9 feet with the weight of 22 pounds approximately. How large it is, is not it? Indeed, if you just want to buy the meaty legs, you need to pay for $25 per pound!

  • Rock Crab

This crab is actually smaller compared to Jonah crab with the small bites and no meat on it. The color of the flesh is brownish-red with highlights. Many suppliers mix the less expensive meat of crab with the more expensive one.

  • Stone Crab

Would you like to taste the lobster and crab at the same time? You can get it from this Stone crab. It will make you can get the different taste of crab, not like the others.

Pacific Ocean Crabs

Besides the Atlantic, there are also the Pacific Ocean Crabs. Here are the crabs from the Pacific Ocean:

  • Dungeness Crab

You also can call this crab as the master crab because it can measure more or less 10 inches. The crab meat is the sweetest from all of the Pacific crabs, semi-nutty, and flavorful.

  • King Crab

As like its name, King crabs, it has largest claws. The crab meat is moist and rich.

  • Snow Crab or Spider Crab or Queen Crab or Alaska Snow Crab

This crab lives in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and so that’s why it is named as Snow Crab. This crab will be the best option for seafood restaurant because it is more economical rather than the others. The meaty claws and large are very popular crab meat.

Asian-European Crabs

In the Asian-European region, there are some crabs which you should know:

  • Blue Swimmer Crab

It is also called as Blue Manna Flower Crab or Sand Crab. The taste of crab meat is less sweet rather than the others.

  • Horse Crab or Japanese Blue Crab

This crab is harvested off on the coast of China. It is widely-fished species crab in this world. You can serve it on the hotspots and soups to get delicious crab meat.

  • Mangrove Crab

You also can call it as Mud Crab or Black Crab. Its shell color varies start from deep green to dark brown. It is the tastiest crab species in Asian crabs.

  • Edible Crab

The characteristic of this crab has a reddish-brown color with the oval body carapace and the pie crust on the edge also has black claw tips. It has an epic classic look of crabs.

Those are the main types of crabs which you can consume well. If you would like to buy the canned crab meat suppliers, you can see on the labels about what kind of crabs which are used. It also can help you to decide whether you like the taste of crab meat itself or not.

If you don’t like the taste of the canned crab meat, you can try to buy the other crab meats. There are various crab meats in canned which you can choose based on your own taste. Just ensure that you know how to differentiation the spoiled and freshly canned crab meat suppliers.

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Love to Eat Crab? Get Healthier from It!

Everybody wants to keep their body healthy. There are tons of healthy foods which can help them to get a healthy lifestyle. One of the healthy food you can consume is crab meat. If you would like to eat crab meat, you are able to buy the certain canned crab meat suppliers which you like.

Even if you bought the canned one, you still have a chance to get the health benefits of crab meat for your body. Would you like to know about it? Check this out!

Promotes Bone Health

Bones and teeth need the crucial element like phosphorus and calcium. Luckily, the crab meat has high phosphorus mineral. It means, if you like to make your bone up, the crab meat will be the best options for you.

Also, you can consume the crab meat if you are getting older or have a high risk of osteoporosis. The high phosphorus foods like crab are important to help you get active lifestyle in the future.

Boost Mental Activity

Are you looking for the food for the activity of your nervous system? The food which contains omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamin B2, and copper are healthy food for a nervous system like crab meat. It can protect the nervous system and strengthen myelin. Thus, it will be so much better if you consume it weekly or monthly to fill up the body nutrient well.

Protects Our Heart

On the labels of canned crab meat suppliers, crab contains high omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are good for our health not like the others. It can help you to promote anti-inflammatory and balance the cholesterol levels in your body.

It also can help you to prevent the development of atherosclerosis, the lower the strain on your heart, and reduce the blood pressure. Besides, it can lessen the risk to get the stroke and heart attack well.

Eliminates Inflammation

There are numbers of nutrients and minerals which can reduce the inflammation on your body. Some of them are selenium, copper, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can get those nutrients and minerals from the crab meat.

Thus, if you are suffering the gastrointestinal, gout, and from arthritis inflammation issues, consuming the crab meat will be the brilliant idea. You can get it from the seafood restaurant near you.

Boost Immunity

Need to boost your immunity system? Eating the crab meat is the right food for you. Crab meat contains high selenium that works well for an immune activity. The selenium itself has been linked directly to your stimulating immune system and acts as the antioxidants. The antioxidants help the body to prevent any kind of chronic disease.

Furthermore, the antioxidants neutralize and seek out free radicals which can cause the cellular mutation. Thus, the crab meat is the best options to boost your immunity system along with the riboflavin. It can help you to increase the antioxidant production on your body.

Detoxifies Our Body

Crab meat contains a high phosphorus level. As we know, phosphorus can help you to keep the bone and teeth stay healthy. Besides, the phosphorus can help your kidney to do detoxification efficiently.

If you eat the crab meat, the kidney will release any toxins out of your body and improve the metabolic well. While the toxins are out from your body, it will make you can keep your body stay healthy.

Increases Circulation

Copper is one types of mineral which has a ton of important functions for our regular organ function. When we don’t consume the copper in the right way, it can cause our body to get sick and many more.

An example, the copper is an important part for the absorption of iron in the gut. The iron is the key to produce the red blood cells and it helps our body get good circulation. When our body lack of circulation, it will make you can feel so dizzy, less concentration, and many more. You can get the copper from the crab meat as what you get from the label of canned crab meat suppliers.

By eating the crab meat daily in the right serving, it will help you to take care of yourself. If you would like to consume it, you can freely choose one of the best canned crab meat suppliers, you can fill up the daily nutrient.

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Some Benefits of Consuming Frozen Seafood

Almost all of the seafood contains a healthy fat like rich in omega-3 fatty acids and more. It makes many people like to eat the seafood. You can consume it to fulfill your daily nutrition portion and it can help you well to keep your body healthy. While you are going to market, you can buy the frozen or fresh one. Both still have good sources as what you need daily.

Perhaps, some of you think that buying the fresh one is better than buying the frozen one. It is an option. However, buying the frozen seafood is better than buying the fresh one. Why?

Why? Is The Frozen Seafood Really Better than the Fresh One?

There are some reasons why the frozen seafood is better than the fresh one. Here is the explanation of it:

Location Matters

While you are living far away from the coastal area, the best way to eat seafood is buying the frozen one. If it is hard to get the fresh one, the frozen seafood will be the best options for you.

You need to keep in mind that the frozen seafood still has any good vitamins and minerals which are good for our health. Even the food is frozen; the nutrition on the seafood is not fade away. You still have a chance to consume the healthy seafood like you consume the fresh one.

Thus, you just need to adjust it with your location. If it is possible to buy the fresh, you can buy it. If it is not, the frozen fish is the best options to keep you consuming this healthy food.

Freshest Frozen Market

Before going to buy the frozen one, you should find where the freshest frozen market nears you. Well, not all of the fish suppliers fresh fish and they freeze it. You might find that there are some frozen fish which is no longer fresh anymore.

Then, your job is to find the freshest frozen market. To find it, you can try to buy one or two frozen products and see whether they sell the fresh frozen food or not. Of course, it takes time, but it is worth to try. After you found a market which sells the fresh frozen products, you can freely buy more frozen food from it.


It is a big secret that the frozen food is cheaper than the fresh one. Why? You should not think that it is because they use the spoiled fish and so they sell it at the lower price than the fresh one. It is all not about it.

It is about the long life of the fish itself. As we know, the frozen fish can last up to 6 months if we store it in the right way, in contrast to the fresh one. The fresh fish just can survive for a week only. If you don’t put it on the salt or something like that, it just can survive for a day.

Thus, it is the reason why you can get the cheaper price for the frozen food one. Don’t you know? You can save your money up to 20% while buying the frozen rather than the fresh one.

Store It

If you like to eat the seafood dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you need to store it in a certain amount. If your house is far away from the market, it will be better if you buy the frozen seafood one and store it in your freezer.

Another way to store the seafood is by freezing the fresh seafood one. You can buy the fresh seafood and freeze it. However, if you would like to freeze the seafood, you should know how to store it in the best way. Every sea creature needs certain requirement if you would like to freeze it so it can be long-lasting as what you have expected. You can find it on the internet and do it orderly.

Thus, why you don’t buy the frozen seafood? The frozen or fresh one still gives you the good sources for a healthy body. Noticed that even if they are healthy foods, don’t consume it over or it can damage your health. Just consume it in the right portion as what you need daily.

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What to Consider About Buying Canned Crab Meat from the Importer

Sometimes we need to eat distinctive food in each day because each food has different nutrition that will be good for human body. Seafood, is the one food that is good for human body. It contains multivitamin, DHA and AHA and many other nutritious content that boost the human immune and metabolism. However, in order to buy the seafood, you need to choose the right importer. For example, if you choose to buy Canned crab meat from the importer, you need to consider some aspects that considered as the good seafood criteria to consume.

Simplest Ways to Indicate Fresh Seafood from Importers

Food is good and better if it served fresh. It’s just the same as seafood, or the crab meat that you want to buy. It has to be fresh and good. You should know that there are simplest ways for you to know whether the crab meat is fresh or not. If you would like to know about it, you just have to check these indicators:

  • Scent

While you buy the canned crab meat suppliers, the first indication of freshness meat is a scent of it. You can drain the canned crab meat first. Then, you can sniff it. If you buy the freshly cooked crab meat, the scent should be light and sweet seafood, never fishy. If it is not, you can return it to the purveyor and complain about it.

It can be different if you buy the pasteurized crab meat. It is very sterile and it has no health problem. If you would like to buy this one, just make sure you take the best quality crab meat as what you need.

  • Color

After you sniff it, you can check the color of the crab meat itself. If you buy the canned one, the most desirable and natural color of crab meat is an ivory color. Well, you need to understand that not every supplier sells the ultimate crab. Sometimes, they use another chemical bleaches to whiten up the crab meat.

You should not feel so worried about it. The simplest way to know whether the crab meat is bleaching with the chemical, the color will be bright white. Another way to indicate it, you can see on their label of canned crab meat suppliers. It will help you to decide whether the color is natural or chemical one.

  • Size

For the size of the crab meat will be more different from one and another. It depends on what kind of crab types you have bought. Every type has its own different size start from the king one until the small one.

The best way to figure out that the size is right; you can see on the can what part of crab meat you have bought. If you bought the Colossal Lumps, it will be a whole body of crab meat itself, and so on.

  • Texture

The next step is about the texture. You should know that the fresh texture of crab meat is firm with distinguishable muscle fiber. It is not mealy or mushy. There are many factors which can make the impact to the texture of crab meat like the method of processing, the crab’s freshness of the first brought, and many more.

However, if you get the mushy crab meat, it will be better if you don’t use it. It shows that the crab meat is no longer fresh and it may damage your health if you still consume it.

  • Shell content

While you would like to buy the canned crab, you should decide to buy the crab with shell content or not. Many options of canned crab meat don’t have the shell on it. If you would like to buy the crab meat with the shell on it, you need to check the shell content first.

You need to check whether there are other foreign objects on the shells or not. Also, you can check it if the shell and cartilage are crunchy, you can return it to the purveyor and complain about it.

  • Flavor

If all of the indicators are well enough, you can taste the crab meat well. The taste of crab meat is clean and fresh with slightly salty of the sea.

If whole indicators are positive, you can cook the canned crab meat suppliers to get a delicious meal like what you want. If there is one thing which delivers it is going to spoil, it will be better if you don’t use it or it can damage your health.

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How to Spot Fresh Fish to Eat

Would you like to cook the fish dishes? There are many people who like to eat fish because it has good sources of vitamins and minerals for our body. In Japan, you can eat the raw and fresh fish on their food. Even though it has the healthy things, you should not eat them over because it is not good for your health. You just have to eat them as the proportion of daily nutrients.

Decide to Buy Frozen or Fresh Fish

When you have decided to cook the fish dishes for dinner, you can go to the market and buy fish as what you need. While choosing the fish, you just have to decide whether you would like to buy the frozen or fresh one.

Well, don’t ever think that the frozen is spoiled fish one. You should understand that the frozen fish is made from the fresh one but it is frozen to make the fish can live long lasting. It is also to make the fish can’t get spoiled easily.

If you live in the coastal area, it is not possible to get the fresh one. If it is hard to get the fresh fish, it will be so much better if you buy the frozen one. However, you just have to adjust it with where you live and what you need.  The frozen fish still has its good source from your body, so don’t be afraid to take the frozen one.

If you would like to buy the fresh fish, don’t forget to get some indicators whether it is fresh or not. The indicators you should test are smell, texture, colors, and size. You should make sure that you pick the fresh fish before you are going home.

When you are going to buy the frozen one, it will be better if you take the small cooler. Why? When you buy the frozen food and you don’t bring with any cooler, the frozen food will be thawing slowly when the way you go home.

If you will cook it directly you arrive at home, it doesn’t matter. It will be a problem when you don’t cook it directly. The thawing frozen food can make a huge impact toward its freshness. While you buy the fresh frozen food, it thaws for a minute, and you store it again in the freezer, the fish is already dull. Thus, you need to bring the small cooler if you would like to buy a lot of frozen fishes at one time.

Delicious Types of Fish to Eat

Before you are going to buy the market and buy the fish, you should know that there are some delicious fish to eat. There are many types of fish in this world but only some of them are tastier and nutritious than the others. Would you like to know about it? Check this out!

  • Alaskan Salmon

As we know, salmon contains a better source from our body. There are two salmon options for you, the harvested or wild one. Both have the same nutritious element but in the harvested salmon, you will not get high omega 3 fatty acids and some minerals and vitamins.

  • Cod

Cod is flaky white fish with good sources on it like vitamin B-12, niacin, phosphorus, and others. If you serve 3-ounce cooked cod, you can get less than 90 calories, 15 to 20 grams of protein, and 1 gram of fat. It is so healthy, right?

  • Herring

Herring is similar to the sardines, the fatty fish. It will be good options if you buy the smoked one. Usually, this fish is smoked and packed with the sodium on it.

  • Mahi-Mahi

Mahi-mahi, the tropical firm fish still has the good sources for any preparation. The 4 ounce serving has 20 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of fat.

  • Mackerel

Mackerel contains high healthy fats from our body. It can help you to reduce buildup in your arteries and lower blood pressure.

Those are the types of delicious fish you should try. You can taste them and see how different and how delicious the fish is. If you can find it in your nearest market, why don’t you buy and make a delicious dish from it?

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